Major in Asian Studies

The Asian Studies major is designed to accomplish three goals: to ground the student in a regional language and culture, to survey various disciplines in Asian Studies more broadly, and to provide advanced research opportunities. The program, when successfully completed, prepares the student for further graduate work, professional education, or employment in the public or private sector. There is an increasing demand for graduates who combine a major in a disciplinary field (e.g., business, economics, international relations) with a second major (or minor) in Asian Studies, including an Asian language competence.

The major in Asian Studies a minimum of 35 credits. Students are required to demonstrate the intermediate language proficiency (Intermediate II) in an Asian Language in addition to the following course work:

Required Credits: 9 courses or 35 credits

General Courses (24 credits)

A. 6 courses from HS/SS of which one course must be at the 300 level and one may be an advanced Asian Language course

B. Study Abroad (3 – 4 credits)
    1 course from Study Abroad**
    **If Study Abroad is difficult academically or financially, other arrangements can be made upon major advisor’s approval

C. Cap-stone project (Senior Thesis):
     Pre-thesis (4 credits in Fall)
     Thesis (4 credits in the Spring)
     Students are required to exhibit using primary source of materials under supervision of a faculty member

For course guidance contact:
Dr. Kiri Lee, Director and Academic Advisor, Asian Studies Program, 31 Williams Hall, 610-758-4490 or

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