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Students are encouraged to spend a summer, semester, or year in an approved study program in China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South Asia, or the Pacific. Lehigh offers students opportunities to Study Abroad in the summer, semester, and winter break.

A student must have 2.7 GPA to qualify for a semester or year Study Abroad program and a 2.0 GPA (= good academic standing) for a short-term program.  Please note that these are Lehigh's GPA requirements and that individual programs may have different standards.  Students can also petition, if need be.

All programs that are offered can be viewed on the Lehigh University's Study Abroad Website
rogram sessions are year-long, semester-long, summer and winter break.
For more information, consult The Study Abroad Office, Coxe Hall, 32 Sayre Dr. 610-758-3351,

Asian Studies Program Study Abroad Travel Grants
Offered twice a year: Summer/Fall (spring deadline) and Winter/Spring (fall deadline)
The Asian Studies program offers study abroad travel grants to eligible students in all the undergraduate colleges twice a year. Students who plan to spend a summer, semester, or year in an approved study program in the Asian countries are encouraged to apply. Students are required to submit an online application form and personal statement, along with the names of two Lehigh Professors who will submit a brief statement of support on your behalf.  One must be from an Asian Studies professor and one from another professor.  If you have not taken a course with an Asian Studies professor, any two professors would be acceptable.  Applications will be reviewed by the Asian Studies Travel Grants Committee and recipients will be notified.  

DEADLINE: November 22, 2019 
Applications for 2020 Winter/Spring Asian Studies Study Abroad Travel Grants are now available.
For an Application Form, click here...

For more information:
The Office of Interdisciplinary Programs
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